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Request A List Building Services Quote & Get A FREE Sample

Perks Of Requesting A Quote:

  • Free List Building Consultation
  • A representative will get in touch and schedule a list building consultation call to assess marketing list building opportunities.

  • Free List Building Research
  • Our back-office team will research your list to draft a precise quote including details like: approximate number of records available, price per record, and time required to build you the list.

  • Up To Your First 100 Records Free!
  • When we’ve determined the right list to build for your specific purposes, we will provide a sample of work to be sure everything looks good. If, and ONLY if you approve, we’ll send the invoice and get to work on the rest of your list.

Getting Started: How It Works…

Once you fill out the “Request A Quote” form, a List Building Consultant will get in touch to go over your current situation & requirements. We’ll discuss & agree upon an appropriate course of action, then get to work … absolutely free!

We don’t even require any Agreements or Payment Information to get started. We’ll just start working on your list, up to 100 records, without any commitment or risk on your end whatsoever.

Once you’ve received your sample list, if (and only if) you choose to continue, we bill on a per record basis depending on the type & volume of list(s) you require.