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List Building Services As Lead Research

Using Outsourced HR For Manual List Building To Achieve Best ROI is presented by Business Process Outsourcing company AdminBetter.

AdminBetter - Business Process Outsourcing

As an outsourcing firm, AdminBetter focuses on tasks which are repetitive and don’t require a high level of diversified skills. Indeed, our services all focus on extreme division of labor, to the point where our most popular service processes consume full time workers’ hours literally doing only one single repetitive task over & over.

Our single most successful, systematic, and popular service in this respect is list building.

List building is about finding the right target audience to whom you can launch your outbound marketing campaigns. As such, it is one of the very first steps in your lead generation. If your list building efforts come up short, your direct marketing is dead on arrival.

We build lists using trained, human administrative workers. We don’t just scrape databases or use software or simply broker & resell lists. Instead, our list building services can better be understood as lead research.

By combining multiple B2B and B2C databases during our research processes, and even appending hard-to-find data via manual searches, record by record, we can produce lead lists that are hard to rival.

Plus, by using our already established back office support teams, we can provide these lists at rock bottom prices. Surprisingly, many of our manually built lists are still cheaper than buying them directly from big online vendors!

If you need some lead research conducted, to learn more about your potential clients, existing clients, and/or competitors, consider list building services as your first step.

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